Weird Deer, Dear

I left the hotline a poem a few days ago. My leg was shaking the entire time. Paige had to wait in the bathroom with the door closed until I was done: What a neat idea.

Also, there is this documentary coming out next week at Film Forum about Patti Smith. I always want to go see her play on New Year’s at the Bowery, but shit is always sold out and extra expensive. I imagine it is remarkable. As New Year’s is generally a bust going to a show seems like the best way to avoid the whole what-are-we-going-to-do-tonight pressure. Everyone (myself included, sadly) always thinks that something amazing is going to happen on New Year’s. Why not be proactive and actually guarantee yourself a good time. That’s pretty good advice. Perhaps I’ll follow it this year.

Did I mention that today is day 10? That cigarette sure does look appealing though.

I Am The Door & Sentimental Hearts

So says Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Am back on the east coast.  I feel like I have finally accepted the fact that other cities exist aside from NY.  I know, I can be pretty dense sometimes.

Also, they have really, really big trees on the west coast.  Old trees.  Like 1400 years old.  I don’t even really understand 100 hundred years.  Intense.

Did you know that there is no humidity in San Francisco?  I’ve finally found a climate that matches my temperament.  And if you include the potential earthquakes, well then one could make a very poignant and compelling argument in favor of this hypothesis.

Oooooo, nice, refreshing fog.

Oooooo, and Paige.   Love love.

I also bought a bunch of cds this week.  Have geekily been listening to She & Him a bunch.   It’s geeky because it is longingly sentimental and the lyrics aren’t the most sophisticated, but they do this great cover of the Smokey Robinson tune “You Really Got a Hold On Me” and The Beatles “I Should Have Known Better.”

Watch/Listen (don’t worry, it’s short and the most inoffensive audio I could find):

I also bought Santogold (who is strangely opening for Cold Play this time around), Wolf Parade, Pink Floyd’s Meddle, and the Nina Nastasia and Jim White album “You Follow Me”.  Kind of gluttonous but I was on vacation.  That’s my rationale anyway.

Softblow & The Evermore

I have some poems up now at Softblow and I have to say that I am pretty happy about this. Definitely check out the archive while you are there, lots of really good poets.

Artist cred:

Constant reflection as of late.

Also: The Feelies at Hype Machine. They opened for Sonic Youth at Battery Park on Friday. Who knew they were from Haledon, NJ? The first apartment I ever rented was in Haledon, so I have sort of a soft spot for the town. Sonic Youth brought the rain but it was totally appropriate. Would have felt all wrong had it been sunny.

Afterward we watched the night pretend to be on fire.