Free Verse- New Voices from New York

Chris Tonelli put together this nice little supplement for Free Verse called New Voices from New York.  I have several poems from my forthcoming chapbook with Greying Ghost Press, Office Work, in the supplement.  I am also in very, very, very good company.  Seriously, lots of good poems here.

In other news, my cat briefly believed that she was superman yesterday.  I don’t know where she thought she was going but damn if she didn’t lack conviction.

New POP is up featuring an essay by Eileen Myles!

Holy moly!  I’ve been so  busy worrying about the LIT 17 launch party that I completely forgot to tell you that Eileen Myles wrote an essay for POP!  You can find it here. It’s about Gram Parsons.  I feel really honored that Eileen wanted to participate in this series.  Thank you Eileen!

Next month POP will feature an essay by Nate Pritts about The Who.  Exciting!

Also, tonight’s the night!  The LIT 17 launch party at Housing Works Bookstore.  7pm sharp.  Be there, or surely you are square.  LIT 17 will be on sale for a special launch party price of $5!  Come get a copy.  Yay!