Video of Red Fortress Performance and More Songs of the Week

Video footage of some of my poems turned into a short theater piece can be seen here.  Still bummed that I wasn’t able to be there in real life.  I was a little uncomfortable with the extent to which anger factored into the piece because I feel like the anger in those poems is a bit more subtle than that but I guess everyone has their own way of interpreting things.  I do however love the music, the first song especially.  You can find my chapbook Red Fortress here and try to read along while you watch!

In other news check out the latest Songs of the Week by Ray DeJesus and Tom Laverty.

I’m in a weird mood today.

For those of you interested, 10Q started yesterday.  I did it last year and last week I got my answers back.  Pretty much said what I expected it to.  It has been a productive year for me.  I noticed yesterday that when I went to answer the first question that I was able to do so with ease.  Not sure if it is because I am just in a better head space (which is most definitely true) or if it’s because I’ve been keeping a journal now for almost a year so I’ve gotten pretty good, or better rather at “reflecting.”  Either way, I think it is an interesting thing to do, the 10Q.  It’s good to just sit quietly and think about your life sometimes.  But maybe not for too long.  I end up getting all angsty quite quickly when I do.

Poems into Plays, More Songs of the Week, POP, Forklift #23 and I’m 30

I am happy to report that several poems from my chapbook Red Fortress (H_NGM_N) are being turned into short theater pieces for Hearth Gods’ first Poet Nights.

This is immensely interesting and flattering to me.  How would someone else choose to represent my poems?  Will there be dialogue?  What will it sound like?  I just spoke with the director on the phone to help him get a sense of certain phases in the poems that he wanted to unpack a little more.  It was really challenging (in a good way) to have to speak about what is going on in my poems, especially because I am in such a different emotional headspace than I was when I wrote them.  Sadly, I am going to miss both performances, so please go in my stead.  My good friend Graeme Bezanson, who is the reason why my poems even made it into the curator’s hands in the first place, has some poems being performed as well.  I think this whole event is going to be great and I am really, really bummed to miss it.  They are going to record the performances so as least I will get to see them!  I will also post them here too so you can as well.  You can find more information about Hearth Gods here.

Also, since it’s been about two weeks since I’ve checked in with you here that means I’ve yet to tell you about Songs of the Week by Lily Brown and Jeff T. Johnson.  Go read and enjoy and tell your friends.

In other Coldfront news, did you see the latest POP by Ed Skoog?  Check it out here.  His essay got a small write up on SLOG blog of Seattle’s Stranger.  You can check that out here.

The new Forklift, Ohio just arrived at my house today and it is massive!  Each issue weighs more than 1/2 pound and each cover is different!  Mine look like this:

You can see a full list of contributors and purchase your copy here.

And last but not least, I turned 30 on Friday, and you know what?  I feel pretty good about it.

I came home from work today and listened to this very, very loudly on these new speakers that recently moved into my home a few weeks before their owner is expected to.

Rock it, don’t stop it.