Reading at Earshot Tomorrow & New POP & More Sows & Tacocat!


So I am reading tomorrow night for Earshot.  The Earshot reading series was the first NYC reading series I read at when I was a pre-MFA-er (a long time ago!) and the reading took place at a bar on Ludlow Street.  I was SO nervous!  At one point someone broke a glass while I was reading and I tried to make a joke about it but I ended up coming off like a complete b.  Hopefully tomorrow’s reading will go a little better.  Come say hi.

Also,  a new POP by Christine Neacole Kanownik, which I sort of recruited from her after I read an excerpt in poemmail (a weekly poem sharing email that I am looped into).  I think the essay is great.  You can read it here.

Some new SOWs too by Ellen Weckler, Cate Peebles, and belladonna* poets LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs and Audrey Zee Whitesides.  More belladonna* poets will follow in the coming weeks.

So I just finished reading Moby Dick (I know!) and have been trying to catch up with The Believer.  One of my favorite columns is the Greil Marcus “Real Life Rock Top Ten” and I got a pretty good one from him this time.  Tacocat!