Poetry Crush

While it is still February, I should tell you that friend and poet J. Hope Stein put together a three volume issue of Poetry Crush in honor of Valentine’s Day.  A poem of mine appears in Volume 3 but check out Volume 1 and Volume 2 also! Thanks Jen!

In other news, Some Rain Must Fall: My Struggle Book 5 comes out in March. Even though the end of book four made me feel uncomfortable, I am still a devotee. How could I not be?

“That’s how I experience life, as an ocean of quotidian existence in which meaning is diffuse and difficult to grasp, and then comes death with its unprecedented concentration of meaning, or else love or birth.”

Karl Ove Knausgarrd

Burden of Proof

Burden of Proof

Rain makes events
When you travel
Situationally you are further
or are Occam’s Razor
The assumption that makes the most sense
at the time
Accounting for a variation of time
When what suits you changes

Avoidance a poor technique
For something to continue living
The consequences of decision
It isn’t me or you
It is an impatient personification
of the letters before us

Just a simple orange scarf
or passive aggressive emails
Gifts you have no memory of receiving
A song the man can’t help but sing
outside the train
Or French women who stand unknowingly
too close
The cliche spectacle
of the rain