Poets off Poetry




Scott Wordsman “On The Dandy Warhols’ Dandys Rule OK”

Shannon Tharp “On Guy Clark’s ‘Anyhow, I Love You”

Graham Foust  |  “On ‘Keep Growing’ by Camp Cope


Becca Klaver  |  “Brilliant Flukes and Curmudgeon Heroines: Liner Notes to the 2015 Mix”


Matthew Yeager  |  “On Reverend Gary Davis “I am the Light of the World”


Russell Dillon  | “The Naming and the Codes: Things Outside of Poetry Where I Most Found A Poetics or Standing Up for Falling Down”

Christine Neacole Kanownik  |  Dolly Parton Wig

Carina Finn  |  “Divine Love: On Lesbian Power Ballads & The Wild Heart

Anne Boyer  |  “Hey Bo Diddley

Patrick Gaughan  |  “A Review of Fear Fun”

DJ Dolack  |  “My My Morning Jacket: Four Snapshots from a Stint in the South”

Katherine Factor  |  “Phosphorescent’s Song for Zula as Duende, the Roem, & Dark Sounds I’d Creep With”


JeFF Stumpo  |  “16th Century France by way of Chicago” Howlin’ Wolf, the Blues, and Villianelles”

Andy Mister  |  “Furniture Music, or a Kind of Boredom”

Scott Pinkmountain  |  “For His New Album”

Dorianne Laux
  |“Between The Words I Couldn’t Understand and The First Music I Can’t Remember”

Tanya Larkin  |  “Feel Them Spirit: The Wailers at Studio One”

Sasha Fletcher  |  “A Relating of R. Kelly’s Gem ‘Ignition (Remix)'”

Lucy Ives  |  “Express Yourself”

Alex Dimitrov  |  “Lana Del Rey, Welcome to the Party”


Dana Ward  |  “A Year in Music”

Jon Leon  |  “Call Me”

David Brennan  |  “We Are What We Here”

Amish Trivedi  |  The Rolling Stones’ The Brussels Affair

Rae Armantrout  |  “Popular Music and Me

Andrew Durbin  |  “Paris 2012

Christopher Salerno  |  “7200 Hours: On Not Making it in Music

Ben Mirov  |  “Five Albums that Have Affected My Writing

Cynthia Arrieu-King, Sommer Browning, and Ana Božičević  |   “Language Nova: Notes on Cocteau Twins


Travis Nichols and Paul Killebrew  |   “Olivia Tremor Control: Dusk at the Cubist Castle

Matthew Rohrer  |   “Open Letter to Todd Hasak-Lowy

James Belflower  |  “Auto-Affection, Disdain, and Abandon: Or Baring Bodies in The Stooges’ Funhouse

Ed Skoog  |  “On YouTube Clips of People Playing ‘Billy Low in the Ground’ and Turning Forty and Sadness

Lisa Wells  |  Holy Son of the Bop Apocalypse: An Interview with Polymath Emil Amos

Matt Hart  |  “By Any Means Necessary” Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Marshall Walker Lee  |  “Known Pleasures: The White Stripes and Some Notes on Mystery

Ish Klein  |  “There’s a New World Opening For You: Dave Davies Healing with The Kinks

Ben Fama  |  “Things Brian Eno Taught Me


Chris Tonelli  |  “Types of Restlessness: An Interview with Broken Social Scenes Andrew Whiteman

Lily Brown  |  “For the Love of Love

Jeff T. Johnson  |  “Pavement: Trying Not to Try

Mathias Svalina  |  “That Feeling

Claire Donato  |  “Address to the Long Road

Dorothea Lasky  | “A Brief History of My Love of Stevie Nicks

Jennifer L. Knox  |  “Let’s Go Away for Awhile

Farrah Field  |  “We Will learn to Feel Quite Clean in this New Skin

Nate Pritts  |  “Right in Tune: An Annotated Karaoke Poetica via Who’s Next or Nate Pritts Sings the Classics

Eileen Myles  |  “Gram Parsons (Archives Vol. 1)


Daniel Nester  |  “Josie Reconsidered: Notes on The Outfield’s ‘Your Love’

Erin Belieu  |  “The Sheer Dazzle of the Vocabulary

CAConrad   |  “Elvis Caught My Soul in the Air like a Rose Between His Teeth

Jared White   |  “Four Fantasias on Fleet Foxes

Chris Martin  |  “I Might Blow Up But I Won’t Go”

Mark Bibbins  |  “Tatooine Sunset: An Assembly of Last Year’s Fantastic Things


Gina Myers  |  “You Can Run Your Whole Life, But Not Go Anywhere

Sandra Simonds  |  “Music as the Suicide the Keeps You Living: Reflections on Music

Jillian Weise  |  “Mike Jones & Dirty Rap

Michael Schiavo  |  “When He Went Electric

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