birthday haikus

tomorrow a list
of things to keep in arms reach
1. perseverance

a corner of curb
from here huge shadows are cast
it is time, get up

i used to not know
now curious circles are
all i notice

repeat pause repeat
it is hard to elude time
repeat pause repeat

2. hyperbole
everything must sound bigger
3.slight modesty

a celebration
arrival or departure
these are things you own

underneath this star
your sign is crossed twice by hope
and the need to go

“you cannot direct
the winds but you can adjust
the sails”: add to list

lonely, lonely girl
independence can be sad
the sun sets in spite

5.gumption: failed parts
catalytic converters,
we are conductors

sun in the morning
a simple view behind glass
[talking] thinking to yourself

preys of mimicry
unfolded like spider veins
something to follow

an ashtray, a ring,
the last spit of fire on wick:
things that are empty

solipsist chanting,
its purpose matters less than
the fact it’s for you

the smell of nighttime
wind as you drive toward the beach—
turn the music up

shallow reflection
like a funnel that broadens
when further away

gated reverence
in an effort to proceed
we exhaust our sights

a blade of grass bends
rocks move under the wheel wells
of cars that pass by

a constant reproduction
of what came before

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