Caution Horses

Sometimes, looking back, I realize that I knew so much more about what I was doing then without even knowing it. It’s those curious circles, keeping one out but close by. I watch everything without being anything. It’s peculiar because this isn’t waiting. Waiting is the wrong way to think about it I think.

Caution Horses

The light & unlight.

The five second grace

outside, thronged electrified.

The paved-parted middle,

sun on both sides.

Let’s wrap the edge around

& pull the plastic handles in close.

Let’s carry our insides out.

Let’s line up with the others.

Let’s go to the dojo because we

aren’t sure what kind of mood we are in.

We can have it all.

Elevated express stops,

our hours of aluminum.

Craned centerfold in the center where I open.

Your spokes cross bridges.

They turn the bayeou,

in drawls of single counter space.

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