Wednesday Afternoon Clean Up

Here are the notes that have been taped to the side of my printer at work for mostly likely the last year:


“The Blues can’t drive depression clear out of the house, but can drive it into the corners of any room where it’s being played.”

-Albert Murray, Jazz Historian


“Camp is an intellectually duplicitous posture derived from the idea that something indisputably bad can be transmuted into something good by virtue of the reader’s knowing, ‘ironic’ perspective.”

-I have no idea where I found this or why I wrote it down. Maybe it’s Susan Sontag, though I have never read her essay. Perhaps I will do that now.


And Doris Lessing book recommendations from before this happened:

The Summer Before the Dark

The 5th Child

The Golden Notebook

Guess I am going to Strand tonight. This is a good find though as I just finished my 5th Philip K. Dick book and am looking for something new.

These covers make me chuckle because this is not at all what I imagined while I was reading it.

Current soundtrack: King Khan and The Shrines. They are playing this Friday at the South Street Sea Port. Details here.

Oh, and this is amazing: I heart brooklyn vegan.

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