Bang, bang, bang on the door baby.

I can’t hear you.

Also, surfs up.

Does everyone have this album?

I’ve had this album for a while but sometimes things get lost in my itunes and I forget about them. But seeing as today was one of those lazy Sundays, I spent some time reorganizing my music library, which means that aside from Brian Wilson I was also listening to Belle & Sebastian, Buddy Holly, and Elvis Presley. I also listened to a bunch of Billy Joel in preparation for his show at Shea Stadium on July 18, which I successfully scored tickets to, but perhaps that isn’t so hip to admit. I really wish that some punk band would cover “Moving Out (Anthony’s Song).” Seems so apropos re: punk ethos. No?

Oh, and I also watched this video today:

I, too, am a regulator.  Just of a different sort.

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