Weird Deer, Dear

I left the hotline a poem a few days ago. My leg was shaking the entire time. Paige had to wait in the bathroom with the door closed until I was done: What a neat idea.

Also, there is this documentary coming out next week at Film Forum about Patti Smith. I always want to go see her play on New Year’s at the Bowery, but shit is always sold out and extra expensive. I imagine it is remarkable. As New Year’s is generally a bust going to a show seems like the best way to avoid the whole what-are-we-going-to-do-tonight pressure. Everyone (myself included, sadly) always thinks that something amazing is going to happen on New Year’s. Why not be proactive and actually guarantee yourself a good time. That’s pretty good advice. Perhaps I’ll follow it this year.

Did I mention that today is day 10? That cigarette sure does look appealing though.

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