Oh, hey, hi. Hi!

Greetings from the year 2009.

Some stuff has happened.  Other stuff is going to happen.  I had a really good horoscope courtesy of The L Magazine a few weeks ago.  I think I am mostly pumped.

Here’s a list of some of said things:

Most importantly, there is Arthur Russell.


You can google him.  You’ll find him.  There’s even a documentary.

I can say nothing that will accurately express my appreciation for my new relationship with Russell’s music.

There is also this: Sound and Safe with Trent on WFMU.  I’ve been listening to all the archives.  Quality radio program.  For those of us  who get home at night and turn on the radio as opposed to the TV (there are others of you out there, right?) this show is a good find.  On September 22, 2008 Trent interviews Matt Wolf,  director of the Arthur Russell documentary.  Awesome.  Check out Russell’s “This is How We Walk on the Moon” below.

Next, there is this:


I’ll say no more.

Also, I have a poem in the latest issue of Tight.


I’m in some good company here.  It’s available by order from Northshire Book Store.

And last but not least:


POP got a logo!!!  Lastest issue of POP will be up this week, featuring a Best of ’08 list by Mark Bibbins.  POP will also be at AWP in Chicago next month so stop by and say hi!  I’ll even have buttons for you!

Stay tuned…more good stuff to come.

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