CAConrad+Elvis=Amazing POP!


When you get a chance stop by Coldfront and check out the new POP featuring an essay by CAConrad.  CA’s new book Advanced Elvis Course is out now!  You can also find out more information here.  Thanks CA!

I was actually able to meet CA on Friday at the Poetry Project during the Jack Spicer reading and just so happened to read one of my favorite pieces from My Vocabulary Did This To Me “The Unvert Maifesto.”

In other news, I just finished reading The End of the Story by Lydia Davis.

davis story

This book hurt my heart.  It has been a very long time since my heart has ached in the way this book has made my heart ache.  I supposed this is a good thing for a book to do, or rather, it is a good book that is capable of drawing such strong emotions from the reader, but fuck if I’m able to do anything aside from stare vacantly at walls today.  This faux fall weather isn’t helping either.

Musically speaking, I’ve been on this Portastatic kick.  If you were me, you would be able to see the ironic relationship between this sudden musical interest and the ache as described above.  But as you are not me, I highly doubt it would be of any interest.

Meh.  Sorry.  I’m going to go now.

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