The Glow is Gone: Mount Eerie/Phil Elverum

I kind of can’t stop listening to Mount Eerie’s album Lost Wisdom today.  This morning on the train I finished reading an interview with him in this month’s Believer (which is surprisingly and happily online for you to enjoy).  I’ve been a fan of Elverum for some time, mostly through his work under The Microphones moniker.   The interview also prompted me to go in search of music by the band named Eric’s Trip, who Elverum cites as a big influence.  In fact, Julie Doiron who sings and plays bass and guitar for Eric’s Trip is the very lady who sings with Phil on Lost Wisdom.  Mount Eerie has a Halloween show scheduled at Market Hotel in Brooklyn and another tba show in New York the following day.  He’s got a new double album for sale now, plus a whole lot of other neat stuff for sale here.   Thank you music, yet again, for making us less alone.

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