Neat things that my friends do


4 friends of mine from grad school started this poetry magazine called Leveler.  Every Sunday a new poem is posted in conjunction with an editorial called “levelheaded,” where the editors include a brief note on their selection.  Not defending their selection necessarily, but explaining it.  Definitely takes the editorial process to a whole other level (hehe).  A worthy endeavor none-the-less; an honest and sincere one too.  I appreciate this.

In other news of neat things my friends are doing there is this: Mandatory Attendance.  Ever wanted to know what was happening in the world of avant jazz on a night by night basis?  Modeled after the ever popular and perhaps too hip Brooklyn Vegan, Mandatory Attendance seeks to highlight a whole different scene of New York music.  This blog has been neat for me to read for a bunch of reasons but the main one is that it reminds me of how many people are out there every night living what they believe.  Even though I work in New York it’s easy to get in the habit of just going home at night (a habit which I have been in for some time), of not taking advantage of all the dynamic and different cultural happenings that are out there, which is why most of us are in New York in the first place.  So this blog has been reawakening my interest in the city and I am grateful.

Plus my friend Chris posts videos like this one:

Pretty rad, right?

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