Happy (Poetry) 2010.

Hey now.

It’s 2010.

New year, new decade, etc.

I guess it means what you make it.

That said, things are on the up and up over here.

I recently found out that Greying Ghost Press will be publishing my chapbook Office Work.  It is my first chapbook and I am positively beaming about it.  Some poems from said chapbook are forthcoming from Free Verse.   Greying Ghost also accepted manuscripts from Paige Taggart and Sampson Starkweather.  Exciting to be in such good company!

In other news, Sommer Browning has posted a recording of the reading I did for her Multifarious Array Series a few weeks ago.  You can get the direct link to the audio here.

Then there was this good-bad news from Alice James Books.

Did I mention that I went to see City & Colour last weekend?  Here’s the song he opened with:

Oh, and I am happy to be reading for The Stain of Poetry Series at Goodbye Blue Monday on Friday, March 26.  Will check in with more information on that soon.

Oh, and maybe that journal that I edit will come out sometime this century and we’ll have a party and everyone will have lots of fun…

Until we meet again.

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