LIT 18 Launch Party Photos and Video!

Man oh man.  July has been some month, huh?  I’ve been at least 3 different people this month.  Some emotional rollar coaster we’ve been on.

But I’m happy to report that the LIT 18 Launch Party was a huge success!  You can see pictures from the event at the LIT blog.  Thank you again to everyone who attended!

Poet, friend and fellow Cold FronterDJ Dolack put together a video of the event!  A million thanks to DJ!

Also, DJ wrote this awesome little chapbook called 12 poems published by Eye For An Iris Press, which you can purchase here.

I recommend it.

In other news I think I forgot to tell you about Dorothea Lasky’s awesome Poets of Poetry essay about her love for Stevie Nicks.  Shame on me!  Things have been crazy around these parts lately.

Stay tuned as later this week brings us a new Poets off Poetry about Joanna Newsom by Claire Donato.

I’m loving August already.

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