New POP & Omnidawn & Nothing After Something and Before Something Else

So some things.

This month’s Poets off Poetry is up featuring an essay about Courtney Love by Lily Brown!  You can find the essay here.

Thanks Lily!

Also, remember when I told you that I was a finalist for the Omnidawn Chapbook Contest and that some time soon they would post a special feature to their blog with one poem from each of the finalists?  Well it’s up now.  Much thanks to everyone at Omnidawn!

In other sad news, I forgot to take a picture of my desk at work while it still had all of my collage-y stuff decorating it.  Tomorrow is my last day there, as I will be moving on to a bigger and better gig on Monday.  Got my big girl shoes all ready and everything.  I took down the collage-y stuff in such haste because I knew I was going to come down with a case of the weepies while I was doing it.  Change is so hard and weird and awesome.

In consolation, I took a picture of the emptiness because emptiness only has to be vacuous if you let.

I prefer not to let it this time.

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