LIT Launch Party This Friday and Indigest Podcast and I Read Poems at the Lincoln Memorial!

First thing’s first.

LIT 19 launch party!  This Friday!

Hope to see you there!  This is the last issue that I will be editor for so it’s a bit bittersweet for me.  I am looking forward to putting my energy into new projects but I have been on the staff of LIT since 2007 (!!!) and if you are anything like me, you know how hard/sentimental change can be, even when it is for the best.  I will say that the poetry in this issue is pretty darn great.  Did I tell you that two of Farrah Field’s poems from LIT 18 and one of Jennifer L. Knox’s poems from LIT 17 were selected for the upcoming Best American Poetry 2011??  This news makes me a proud editor.  Congratulations to Farrah and Jennifer!  So see, LIT publishes some pretty rad poems.  LIT 19 is no exception.

A few months back I read for Indigest Magazine‘s 3rd Anniversary Party.  And now it’s a podcast!  Well, I guess it’s been a podcast for a little while, but I’m a little slow with updates sometimes…any-hoo, I’m actually pretty pleased with the reading!  Thanks to Dustin and Jess at Indigest for all their good work!

Also, while at AWP in DC I had the awesome opportunity to read for the H_NGM_N/Forklift, Ohio/Lumberyard reading at the effing Lincoln Memorial!  It was pretty amazing.  From what I’m told there were about 65 people there.  The weather was the best one could hope for.  It was chilly but there was no wind.  Everyone sat huddled together on the steps and listened to me and five other poets read poems!  Incredible.

I grow more and more thankful for poetry each day.

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