I Was a Natural Wonder, New POP, and Reading Poems this Friday!

Lily Ladewig and Anna Cecelia Holmes run a neat collaborative project called I Am a Natural Wonder, wherein they ask poets to write a poem using “I Am a Natural Wonder” as the title.  The project started off as a collaboration between Lily and Anna (you can see the eChap of their collaboration published by Blue Hour press here).  Then they started asking others to contribute.  You can read mine here.  Thanks Lily and Anna!

In other news, the latest POP is up and available for your reading pleasure, featuring an essay about Dave Davies of The Kinks by Ish Klein.  Check the essay out here.  Thank you Ish!

The next few months of POP are already jammed packed with good stuff. Next month brings us an essay by Marshall Walker Lee of Poor Claudia fame.  Did I tell you that I have some poems in Poor Claudia 4?  Because I do, and I’m in good company! Order it for yourself and see!  Then May brings us the month of Matt Hart, whose essay will appear in four parts over the course of the month.  Awesome.

Also, soon I will be launching a new feature on Coldfront called Song of the Week in which poets write about one song in 150 words or less.  Stay tuned for that.  I hope to have the new feature up and running within the next month.  If you or someone you know would be interested in writing a piece for Song of the Week please contact me at jackie [at] coldfrontmag [dot] com.

And lastly, I will be reading for Stain this Friday at Goodbye Blue Monday.  I’m reading with some rad people.  Maybe see you there?

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