Morning Horoscope & Destroyer & and more DFW

After many weeks of missing my horoscope on the little tv on the train yesterday morning my horoscope had this to tell me:

Stop searching for a sense of purpose. It will find you when the time is right.

Now, I know this to be true theoretically/philosophically, etc. but what the fuck?  I’m trying to keep it together here, feel good about existing, etc. and this is the advice I am given?  After many weeks of not being given advice from the little tv on the train??  Come on little tv on the train!  Where else am I suppose to find guidance? In a way it seems like a very logical extension of the dark comedy that is my life.

In other news I went to see Destroyer on Sunday night and it was pretty great.  The songs from Kaputt (which was most of what was played) sound really good live and loud.  For several of the songs Dan Bejar had to consult a print out of the lyrics, which made sense to me in a way because I feel like most of the lyrics to his songs are really long poems, and lord knows I can’t remember my poems by heart either.  Also, Dan Bejar is a pretty attractive.  Le swoon.

Also, there is this really long article over on The Awl about David Foster Wallace’s private self-help library.  It’s a long and kind of intense read, but worth it, I think.

And to not leave on a dark note, I will tell you that I also went to see Reggie Watts last week, who is incredibly funny and talented, etc. See for yourself.

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