Part 4 of Matt Hart’s POP & Sarabande & and The Future

The final installment of Matt Hart’s massive 4 part Poets off Poetry is up and available for your reading pleasure.

You can read it here.

As always, please blog and forward far and wide.Super big thanks to Matt for this massive and thoughtful contribution to the Poets off Poetry!An update: the Song of the Week series that I sent out a call for submissions for is almost ready to get started.  With launching the new weekly series we took the opportunity to restructure the POP page, which has slightly delayed the launch.  So those of you who have sent along submissions thank you for your patience.  If you haven’t sent in a submission yet, there is still plenty of time to do so, so be in touch with me if you are interested.  Song of the Week and POP got a nice little nod on the Best American Poetry blog from guest blogger Ray DeJesus.  Thanks Ray!Also, in other news my manuscript was a semi-finalist for Sarabande Book’s Kathryn A. Morton Prize.  The nice, hand written note on the bottom of the form letter says that my manuscript came really close.  Which is of course great news, but also insanely frustrating.  I guess there is nothing to do but keep sending the little bugger out.
This was my fortune from an oracle designed in support of Miranda July’s new movie The Future.  The movie looks awesome and awful and very, very strange.  Exciting.   I hope I am aware of what the thing is that goes very wrong today and not mistake it for a normal day in the life thing, of which there are many…
And for emotional posterity purposes there is this.  This song, and much of Everything but the Girl, makes me think of my summer in Cambridge, England.  Feeling so alone and separated from everyone and yet only calling home once, about two days before actually coming home.   I guess this is why I never moved away.  Seems like deep down I know that I probably wouldn’t be able to come back.

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