New Song of the Week, Video from New York Poetry Festival, & Poems in Clock Magazine

Check out the latest Song of the Week by Katy Henriksen here.  Thanks Katy!

In other news, here is a short video from the New York Poetry Festival last weekend on Governors Island.  Thanks to DJ Dolack for putting the video together.

You can check out the full post and some additional photos here.

Also, if you are in the New York area on August 31, I will be reading for the new Mental Marginalia series.  The reading is at The West Cafe, 379 Union Ave, Williamsburg.  Maybe see you there?

Oh, and also, I keep forgetting to tell you that I have two poems in the first issue of CLOCK magazine.  The journal is a real pretty little thing and the poems in it are pretty awesome as well.  You can learn more about how to purchase CLOCK here.

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