Girls Write Now & Chapbook Release Party & Jersey City Independent Interview & More Songs of the Week

So I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this here but I’ve been working this year as a mentor for Girls Write Now, a non-profit writing/mentoring organization that works with high school girls.  My experience thus far has been pretty extraordinary.  It’s been a very good way for me to get out of my head and away from my hang-ups and spend time talking about someone else’s writing.  Especially a high school age girl’s writing.  It’s remind me a lot about me from all those years ago.  Check out this new promotional video below.  I’m in there, briefly.  Can you find me? I’m not very good at asking people for money for things but if you were looking to donate some money to an awesome non-profit I might suggest this one…

Also, I will be reading Tuesday, March 27 at Public Assembly in Williamsburg.  I am super excited because I am reading with four friends who also have had chapbooks published recently: Amy Lawless, B.C. Edwards, Steven Karl, and Angela Veronica Wong.  Check out the Facebook event here.  Maybe see you there?

Oh, and I was interviewed for the Jersey City Independent a few weeks ago.  You can read the interview here.  Big thanks to Brendan Carroll for conducting the interview.

And lastly, more Songs of the Week by Christine Kanownik, Mike Young, Joe Ahearn, Dan Magers, and Emily Pettit.  Also, did you know that Dan and Emily are the first two poets representing the Birds, LLC. family on Song of the Week?  Stay tuned as the next seven weeks bring us SOWs from the rest of the Birds crew.

Other than that, I’m just trying to keep it together.  Be less sour, more sweet, etc.  It’s a new week.

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