New POP & Two Poems in So and So & Lots of SOWs & Twitter

Hi there.

Crawling out from under my rock to give you some updates.

First of all, check out the new POP by David Brennan, titled “We Are What We Here.”  David is currently working on a neat project/experiment that he is keeping track of at, where plans to listen “to one (and only one) album, chosen by someone else, each week for 53 weeks.”  He’s on week 23.  Pretty neat.

Next up I have two poems in the new issue of So and So, who have recently teamed up with Birds, LLC.  to revive the magazine and get it back on a regular publishing schedule.

Also, lots and lots of Songs of the Week!  The Poetry Project recently completed their min-residency on SOW.  I already told you about Stacy Szymaszek and Paul Foster Johnson but also representing The Poetry Project was Brett Price, Simone White, Matt Longabucco, Arlo Quint, and Will Edmiston.  Thank you to PP for participating!  Since the PP mini-residency we have SOW pieces by Gabe Durham and Jillian Brall.

Which bring us to the big news (lol) that I’m on Twitter now.   I’ve been wanting to set up a Twitter account for Song of the Week for a while and it just ended up making more sense to make a personal Twitter account and use hash tags for #SOW and #POP.  A very special thanks to  Paige Taggart (jeweler extraordinaire) for helping me overcome by mental oldness and understand how to use hash tags.  Duh.  Yea, so Twitter.  Shouldn’t be too many tweets, so maybe you’ll follow me?

Also, I’ve been working on getting SOW on Spotify for a while now and trying to determine the best way to go about it.  Not sure if I’ve figured it out but if you visit my profile on Spotify: you should be able to see all my public playlists, which are all the SOWs that I’ve published in the last year and a half.  More or less actually.  Some of the songs that a handful of contributors wrote about aren’t on Spotify so I’m either working on selecting a replacement song or have already found one in conjunction with the contributor that works.  Sort of cool, if a bit clunky.  Still trying to work through that one…would totally welcome some suggestions.

Not much else right now.  Just trying to be here, etc.

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