Post-New Year’s & The Year Ahead


That’s me before reading at The Poetry Project on New Year’s Day. I was pretty nervous.  I totally didn’t take any pictures at all.  I had meant to take a shot of the room right before I read.  It was packed!

My mom however took this shot and videoed my reading, which you can see below.

Pretty neat overall.  Was really flattered to even be asked.  I was thinking next year that I would volunteer to help out at the event.  I was thinking about it this year but was sort of overwhelmed by the whole thing, plus I knew my mom and dad would be in tow.  So hopefully next year I’ll have the opportunity to help out in some way.  It’s a really incredible event!


In other news, my book page is up at Brooklyn Arts Press.  You can check it out here.  I can’t believe the book is almost out.  I am hoping to have a book party sometime mid-February.  Need to get planning…

As far as the year ahead goes, I’ve got a bunch of readings lined up in support of Aphoria so that’s exciting.  More on all that soon.

Otherwise, you know, I hope for the same thing every year: to be the best person I can be.  I think in addition to that this year I would also like to make a very tangible change to the way I make a living.  I read something by Zadie Smith in The New Yorker recently where she said something along the lines of life feels really short when you don’t engage with it, or rather when you do little with it.  I guess I am hoping for the opposite. Only I don’t think I would mind life feeling so short as long as I wasn’t bored out of my mind most of the time!

Okay, here’s the video.  Say thanks to my mom.  She figured out how to put it on YouTube all my herself.

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