Aphoria is Here & AWP is Coming & I Wrote a Chick Flix Essay & Songs of the Week & Upcoming Readings

Well, today’s the day, the “official” publication date of Aphoria!  I am very excited about this!


You can purchase a copy in numerous ways: SPD (preferred), Amazon, Barnes and Noble.  Or come to the book party on March 22.  See event details here.  I am very happy that two of my dearest friends will also be reading with me.  Hope to see you there!

Also, it is AWP time again.  I don’t know how but I totally spaced on buying a pass to the conference this year!  It’s not too terrible I guess since I am not getting to Boston until Thursday night and that means only one day of trying to sneak into the book fair (since the book fair is free on Saturday) but still.  I don’t know what I was thinking…anyway, I am reading with the rest of the Brooklyn Arts crew on Friday, March 8.  It’s a late afternoon/early evening reading so maybe you will have time to sneak it in before all the other million events you were invited to?  Event details here.

Also, Jennifer L. Knox has been curating this massive Chick Flix series over at Delirious Hem.  It’s pretty awesome.  I was lucky enough to be able to contribute an essay about the movie The Loneliest Planet.  You can read it here.

And, and, and….Songs of the Week!  Since last week spoke the staff of Omnidawn Publishing has been in residence with pieces by Cassandra Smith, Liza FlumGillian Olivia Blythe Hamel, and Juliana Paslay.  The Omnidawn Publishing residency will continue for a couple more weeks then SOW will feature residencies by Denver Quarterly and my fellow press-mates at Brooklyn Arts Press!

I think that’s it for now.

Oh, some upcoming readings, etc:

Thursday, March 14 – MFA Publishing Panel at The New School
More information here.

Friday, March 22 – Book & Friend Party (launch for Aphoria)
More information here.

Monday, April 1 – KGB w/ Adam Fitzgerald

Sunday, April 28 – Reading w/ Amy Lawless, JA Tyler, & TBD at Counterpath Book, Denver, CO
Details forthcoming

Friday, May 3 – The Poetry Project w/ Bianca Stone

Okay, that’s really it for now.

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