Book & Friend Party Tomorrow! (& More Songs of the Week & MFA Publishing Panel Write Up)

Well, tomorrow is the big day.  The book party for Aphoria.  I’m a little nervous since I’m not so comfortable with having parties for myself, but since my good friends Amy Lawless and Paige Taggart will also be reading I feel a little more at ease.  I will be introducing both Amy and Paige and I’ve written these wonderfully earnest intros for them about why I am happy they are my friends.  It’s sort of cheesy but I don’t care!

The party will begin at 7pm with the actual reading set to start at 7.30pm.  See the Facebook invite for more information.

Afterwards we will go to a bar nearby and make merry.  Maybe this one.

Overall, I am really excited, even if my nonplussed demeanor suggests otherwise!

Omnidawn Publishing just finished up its Song of the Week staff residency with pieces by RJ Ingram, Sara Mumolo, and Turner Capehart Canty.   The coming weeks will bring us residencies by Brooklyn Arts Press (my publisher!) and the Denver Quarterly.

Also, here is a little write up about the MFA Publishing panel I did at The New School last week in case you were curious about what was discussed.

What else?

Oh, Mary Ruefle:

“Each of us is caught up in a machine that is both of our own making and out of our control. “

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