Giving a Speech at William Paterson University Tonight (CRAZY!) & More Songs of the Week

Oh my god guys, I have to give a speech tonight, to seniors graduating from the Honors Program at William Paterson University, which is where I did my undergraduate degree.  I was asked to speak by one of my favorite professors.  It sort of makes sense; I graduated from the Honors Program and had a really good experience so I guess I can say something sort of relevant to the students.  It’s exciting.  I have to speak for about 5-7 minutes about how the Honors Program affected my life.  Then I get to read some poems for about 10 minutes.  I have my speech all typed up and printed out.  I have practiced.  I hope it isn’t too earnest, the speech.  My hands are already clammy.

Look – my face was on the invitation too!

Honors College Banquet Invitation


Okay, also, more Songs of the Week.  Don’t you know it.  Now featuring my press-mates at Brooklyn Arts Press!  So far we had pieces from Alejandro Ventura, Martin OttBill Rasmovicz, and Carol Guess.  There are many more weeks left of the Brooklyn Arts Press residency so stay tuned for that.

I guess that’s it for now.

I’ve written every day in April so far.  Hopefully I can hold strong the next week or so.

Oh, and new music – The Shouting Matches.  Justin Vernon’s new side project.  It’s pretty feel-good.  A welcomed feeling.

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