Reading Poems in Denver this Weekend & The Poetry Project Next Week

So I am travelling to Denver this weekend with my good friend Amy Lawless to read poems on Sunday afternoon at Counterpath Books.  You can see the Facebook invite here.  In addition to reading with JA Tyler and Danielle Pafunda (which I am really looking forward to) there is another reading happening on Saturday night that we will get there just in time to attend.  Bad Shadow Affair will feature Paige Taggart, Sampson Starkweather, Ben Mirov, and Selah Saterstrom.  You can see the invite for their reading here.  So a happy coincidence that we will all be in town at the same time.  It will be a short but fun-filled weekend.

Then, next Friday, May 3 I am reading at The Poetry Project with Bianca Stone.  Be sure to take a nap or something before the reading because it doesn’t start until 10pm!  Should be a fun night though.  Check out the Facebook invite here.

What else?

Just another day in the life I suppose…

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