Reading for Couplet & More Songs of the Week & POP & New Video Habit

So, I’m reading for the Couplet reading series on June 6.  You can check out the Facebook invite here.  A big thanks to Leah Umansky for asking me to read!


What else?

I forgot to tell you about the newest POP a couple of weeks ago by Alex Dimitrov.  It’s about Lana Del Rey.  It actually made me go back and reconsider Rey’s music.  Maybe it will make you do the same, if you quickly dismissed her as I did that is.  You can check it out here.

As ever, there are more Songs of the Week.  Still going strong with the Brooklyn Arts Press residency, with new pieces by Christopher HennessyHeather Morgan, Jared Harel, Jen Besemer, and Joe Fletcher. And there still a bunch of BAP folks left!  SOW is coming up to its two year anniversary pretty soon.  Pretty crazy, right?

Lastly, my boyfriend has been teaching himself to use iMovie.  He’s been make fun videos for The Gold Magnolias (the band he plays in) and has also been making videos of some of my poetry readings.  Super sweet.  You can check out his YouTube channel here.  Here’s a short-shady video from my Poetry Project reading a couple of weeks ago.

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