Poetry Festival at Governors Island This Weekend & More SOWs & New POP

This Saturday is the 3rd Annual New York Poetry Festival on Governor’s Island.

I will be reading there on Saturday, first at 11.30am for Coldfront and then again at 4pm for Fou.

It’s supposed to be a nice day weather-wise.  Should be a fun after noon.  Check out the Facebook invite here.

In other news, lots more Songs of the Week (as usual), with pieces by Michael Ernest SweetBroc RossellMichelle Gil-MonteroAnne BeckMatt Shears, and Martin Rock.  These folks are still a part of the ongoing Brooklyn Arts press residency.  Only two more weeks of BAP left though.  Then onto the Denver Quarterly residency, and then…well, not certain yet, but something will certainly happen!

Also, a new POP by Sasha Fletcher about R. Kelly’s song “Ignition (Remix).”  I got to see Sasha read this at Book Report a couple months ago.  It was amazing.  You can check it out here.

What else?

I’ve been writing for Yoga City lately, writing columns for their Yoga Sleuth section.  It’s been a really cool experience. You can read my most recent sleuth here.

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