Open Letters Monthly & New POP & More SOWs & New Yoga Sleuth

So some updates and news:

A poem of mine was recently published in Open Letters Monthly.  You can read it here.

I just posted a new POP today by Tanya Larkin about The Wailers.  It was so awesome to listen to their tunes as I was getting the essay together.  You can read (and listen!) to the new POP here.

And as always, more Songs of the Week!  Finally wrapped up the Brooklyn Arts Press residency (that was the longest one yet!) with pieces by Joe Pan and Julia Cohen, who doubled as part of both the BAP residency and the Denver Quarterly residency that just started.  The DQ residency is a short one and so far has featured Julia Cohen and Laird Hunt.  Two more weeks of DQ and then on to some one off pieces and then a Black Ocean residency!

Also I’ve been keeping up with my yoga sleuthing!  Read a new sleuth here.  I’ve been loving writing these pieces.  I had been a little bored with yoga to be honest (do anything four times a week for over two years and I guess that’s bound to happen) but writing these reviews has got me re-interested.

What else?  The summer’s almost over.  Only a few beach days left…

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