The Last Book I Loved & Poetry Society of America & Boston Review & More Songs of the Week

A little something that I wrote about Lucy Ives’ book nineties was featured on The Rumpus’ The Last Book I Loved series last Friday.  You can read it here.

Also, I was featured on the Poetry Society of America’s In Their Own Word series a couple weeks ago.  I am super excited to have been asked to participate.  Big thanks to Brett Fletcher Lauer for asking me.  You can read that here.

Also, the lovely Lynn Melnick did a micro-review of Aphoria that was recently published in the Boston Review.  It’s not available online yet and I haven’t been able to find a magazine shop that sells the Boston Review so I haven’t read it yet…Lynn says that it will be available online soon.  Thank you Lynn!

As always, some more Songs of the Week by Rauan Klassnik, Elisa Gabbert, and Michael Zapruder – all still a part of the Black Ocean residency.  Stay tuned for residencies from Flowers & Cream and Bloof.

What else?

Just hanging in, hanging on, etc.

I’m reading I Love Dick by Chris Kraus and it’s making me a little crazy I think (in a good way).

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