New POP & New SOWs & New EP by Ryan Anselmi & New Book by Paige Taggart & Sean Rowe at My House!

Well, it’s April and we are experiencing a bit of a reprieve weather-wise, finally.  If all goes well I’ll get to go on a short bike ride after work, the first ride of the season.

But let me tell you about some stuff first:

1. New Poets off Poetry by Patrick Gaughan.

2. New Songs of the Week by Dawn Sueoka, Sandra Simonds, Jennifer L. Knox, and Becca Klaver, all part of the Bloof Books residency.  You should stop by the Bloof website sometime this month as many Bloof authors are writing a poem-a-day for National Poetry month. Also a SOW by R.M. O’Brien about the new Girl Talk/Freeway video “Tolerated” just went up today.

3. You should also check out (and buy!) the new ep by Ryan Anselmi called Lookout Road, out on Hundred Pockets Records.  I’m of course partial, since he is the bf after all, but I promise that you will enjoy it.  The ep is a homage of sorts to his home state of Kansas and is comprised of all original tunes.  So proud.  Now if only we could have a release party for the record…

4. Paige Taggart’s first full-length collection of poems called Want for Lion is out now from Trembling Pillow Press. Also so proud and so excited that this book exists!  Go get this book!

5. Sean Rowe came to our apartment last week and played an incredibly imitate show for us in our tiny backyard.

IMG_1582It was sort of amazing.  Thank you again to our friends and family for helping make it happen.




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