So Many Updates – POP, SOW, Readings, Reviews

Since we’ve last talked not only has there been one new POP, but rather there has been two.  Anne Boyer talks Bo Diddley here and Carina Finn talks the wild heart here.  If you haven’t done so already give them a read.

Also, as always, lots of SOWs, featuring a short residency from Futurepoem with contributions by Alan Gilbert, Merry Fortune, Jill Magi, and Francesca DeMusz. Following that we had a piece by Vanessa Falco.  SOW is going to celebrate its three-year anniversary soon.  Where oh where does the time go?

A few weeks ago I went to St. Louis, MO where I was invited to read at Fort Gondo with Lucy Ives.  I had a great trip and am humbled by how attentive and kind the audience was.  Also by how amazing the art gallery was.  Such a cool space.  Big thanks to Jessica Baran for inviting me to read and Paul Legault for hanging out with me while I was there. Here’s a picture of me in action.


Speaking of readings, I am reading for Earshot here in New York on June 26. More details on that to follow soon.

Today a review that I wrote for Julia Cohen’s Collateral Light was published over at sink review.  You can read it here.  Julia’s book was also published by Brooklyn Arts Press.  A fine press indeed!

I think that’s it for now…



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