Upcoming Readings & New POP & More Songs of the Week

As it happens I have some readings coming up.

The first is next Tuesday, September 23 at The New School and is being billed as an evening with former LIT editors.  Reading with me is Nicole Steinberg and Justin Marks. You can get more information here.  I’m looking forward to it.  The New School has been so many things for me (and still is) that it’s nice to be reminded of this part of TNS – my time as a student in the graduate program and my time as editor of LIT.  Should be good.

Then I will be reading next Friday, September 26 at Molasses Books in Brooklyn with Paige Taggart and some other folks.  Paige invited me to read with her. Maybe see you there?

Molasses Reading

Also, there is a new and colossal POP up by Russell Dillon about hip-hop, skateboarding, naming, codes, and failing better.  You should check it out here.

And, as always, Songs of the Week.  We are knee deep in the Coconut Poetry residency with pieces by Tyler Gobble, Megan Kaminski, Laura Kochman, Liz Chereskin, and Nick Sturm.  Still got a few weeks of Coconut peeps left, then it will be on to something new.

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