New Bloof Chapbook & CUNY Chapbook Festival & AWP & SOW on Spotify


My new chapbook Sympathetic Nervous System is now available for pre-order from Bloof Books!  Isn’t it gorgeous!  I am really very honored to have my work published with Bloof, the beautiful design is like an extra bonus!

If you want to learn more about Shanna Compton, proprietor and poetess of Bloof Books you can check out this q&a that just went up on the Poetry Society of America website.  In addition to the q&a there is a video of Shanna making the chapbook.  I make a two minute appearance at the end of the video and if you listen carefully you can hear our new kitten playing in the background.

Next week is the CUNY Chapbook Festival, and Shanna and I and a bunch of others are on a panel called Nuts, Bolts & Beyond: How to Get Your Work into Print.  It’s at 11am on April 2, so if you are one of those lucky people who somehow don’t need to work a 9-5, come! I am not one of those lucky people, but that’s what vacation days are for, right? Otherwise, of course, you can always just stop by the Chapbook Festival Bookfair to browse, post 9-5.

Then the week after that is AWP.  I’ll be reading for Brooklyn Arts Press on Thursday, April 9 and Bloof Books on Saturday, April 11.  If you happen to be in or around Minneapolis come by and say hi.  Not like there aren’t a million other readings going on or anything…

Then, after that (a lot of activity all of a sudden, I know) I will be driving up to the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair on Saturday, April 18 to give a reading for Bloof.  More deets on that closer to the date.

Oh, and Monday, April 20 there is a launch party for “Telephone: An International Arts Experiment,” a project that I contributed a poem to.  The party is at Bowery Arts & Science Club (formerly the Bowery Poetry Club) and starts at 6.30pm.

As ever, Songs of the Week.  I compiled a huge SOW playlist on Spotify recently so now you can listen to all the songs that contributors have written about.

What else?

A lot of activity after a hard winter – but I guess that’s always the way of it, right?

I guess I am celebrating this spring renewal by making wedding plans (Oh right – I am engaged now!  Losing my edge for sure!) and by getting a kitten.  Here he is in all his sweet and tiny glory.


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