Poem in Satellite Collective’s Telephone & Reading at WORD Books in Jersey City

I am so excited to have contributed to this awesome project from the Satellite Collective called Telephone.  Basically the project started with a quote, which inspired a piece of visual art, which inspired a poem, which inspired more visual art, which inspired more writing, and so on and so forth.  You can see the whole thing here.  The project also got a sweet write up this weekend in the New York Times!  Pretty cool.  Artists from all over the globe contributed to this project, sort of a big undertaking!


There is also a launch party for the project tonight at The Bowery Arts & Science Club.  It’s being simulcasted in several countries, should be interesting…

Also, I am reading for the Cross Poetry Series at WORD Books in Jersey City on Sunday, May 3 at 5.30pm.  You can find the FB invite here.

And sadly, I didn’t make it up to Buffalo this past weekend for the Buffalo Small Press Bookfair.  Can’t do it all I suppose…

As always there are more Songs of the Week.  Find them all here.  We are right in the middle of an Octopus Books residency, with residencies forthcoming from Dikembe, Sixth Finch, and BOAAT!

I’ll leave you with some parting wisdom from Lou Reed, something I try to reassure myself of more often than not.

One response to “Poem in Satellite Collective’s Telephone & Reading at WORD Books in Jersey City”

  1. Very belatedly, I want to thank you for the very expressive poem you posted in the Telephone game in response to my sculpture. I thought you captured many angles of feeling from the piece. My wife and I are long time attendants at the Dodge Poetry Fest. Do you get there, between your obviously busy schedule of readings? Perhaps we’ll see you in Newark this October.

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