Reading this Friday in Philly!


I am reading this Friday for Bloof Books as part of the Philalalia Book Fair.  If you happen to be in or around Philly, come say hi.

Otherwise, things around here have been quiet. It’s that feeling of not knowing what is supposed to come next. It’s that feeling of needing to keep moving forward anyway.

Oh, but I have been reading Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitian Novels.  I just started the fourth and final book in the series yesterday. I am sort of obsessed.  In a way it reminds me of when I read Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook, the way it felt like a fever as I moved through the book, transposing my existence with the text, uncertain which one was more real.

How isolated the woman’s mind is, how it is so hard to remember to pay attention to one another, to alleviate each others’ inherent loneliness. As I get older I am ever more grateful for the women in my life.  I don’t know who I would be without them.


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