Wendy’s Subway & Improper Maps & Boog City & The Future?

Some updates, old and new.

This summer me and a few others will be working with Wendy’s Subway, a non-profit library and writing space in Bushwick, to print a mini-manuscript (less than 300 words) on letterpress.  We held an open call for submissions in June and got a bunch of really interesting stuff but decided to go with Stacey Tran‘s Fake Haiku. We also decided to make a broadside featuring an excerpt from Bridget Talone’s manuscript, The Soft Palate, in 2017. I am really excited about learning to work with the letterpress and to have a group poetry project to be working on again.  Reading all of the submissions and subsequently talking about them made me realized how much I miss being an editor for a literary magazine.


Also, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to share this, but I wrote a little blurb for Alex Crowley’s chapbook Improper Maps. I was incredibly humbled to be ask to write this blurb. The chapbook is great! Congrats to Alex!

Oh, and I am taking over as Small Press Editor for Boog City, a community art/poetry newspaper based in the East Village.  I’ve had some of my writing appear in Boog City in the past, and I’ve read for Boog City many times, so it’s cool that I will be able to contribute to the paper in a different way. I am already working on my first interview with the Portland-based press Dikembe. I really enjoy doing this sort of stuff.  I need to figure out how to incorporate it more into my life!

And as for the future, well who knows. But it’s there and ever changing and I’m excited about it.


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