I Cannot Seem to Find I’m Able

Even though I HATE the titles on this record, I am really feeling the new Bon Iver record 22, A Million. This song feels apt today.

In other news, here are the first two issues of Boog City that I conducted interviews for. The first one has an interview with Dikembe Press and the second on has an interview with 421 Atlanta.

Also, Sunday December 11 is the 14th annual New York City Small Presses Night. I am co-curating the event with David Kirschenbaum. Presses being featured include:

BOMB Magazine
Fuff Comix
Nightboat Books
Ping Pong Literary Journal
Switchback Books

The event will happen at Sidewalk Cafe (94 Avenue A @ E. 6th St.) at 6pm.

I am especially excited about this event because Fuff Comix’s Jeffrey Lewis is doubling as the musical guest. His record The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane is one of the first records I remember finding in the slush box at the radio station where I was a dj. I played his song “The East River” on the radio I don’t know how many times. All these years later I am co-curating an event where he will be performing. 20 year old Jackie wouldn’t believe her luck. I am trying desperately to conjure up that sense of wonder in the world today. Please come!

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