Still Grateful for Said the Gramophone

Said the Gramophone is a music blog that is roughly 13 years old. I am a roughly 35 year old woman, who has been sitting behind similar yet different desks for roughly 10 years. Almost the entirety of those 10 years I have been checking out and falling behind with checking our STG’s weekly postings, which means I was around 25 when STG first came into my life. It’s weird to think I’ve been reading/listening to STG for nearly 10 years, but the extent to which I am grateful for its existence has only increased.

I love learning about new music. I love learning how artists overlap. I also love reading writing about music, whether it be quasi-objective writing or meandering, emotional, and memory-based writing. No one does it better than STG. STG was one of my inspirations for starting Song of the Week over six years ago. Where does the time go? Even though my life has changed a lot in the last 10 years it also feels like it hasn’t really changed at all. Is that what getting older is?

Anyway, if you are looking for something to ease you into 2017 or if you are looking for a reason to continue into 2017 or if you are just looking for company and connection and a sense of newness you should check out STG’s founder Sean Michaels’ Best Songs of 2016.

One of my favorite writings so far is for number 53. D.R.A.M. ft Lil Yachty – “Broccoli” – “Someone give a Grammy to “Broccoli”‘s loopy, idiotic flute part, the one winding round D.R.A.M.’s grin. Don’t give a Grammy to Lil Yachty, who almost sinks this song.  If Leonard Cohen’s Tower of Song is out there somewhere, “Broccoli” is playing in the elevator.” 

It’s enough to make you forget that this guy who looks eerily appropriate as SPAM  is going to be our president.

via Eater

I don’t know guys. Life already feels sort of overwhelming to me but I guess I just need to try harder in 2017. I guess we all do.

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