Happy to have participated in this online exhibition of Briget Heidmous’s minimalist photographs for GEORGIA gallery in Denver, run by poet and friend Sommer Browning.

Participants were mailed a postcard of one of Heidmous’s photographs and asked to install it in an environment of their choosing. You can see all the installation photographs here.

Can you guess which one is mine? It’s one of the six pictured above.

2 responses to “SKY LINES at GEORGIA”

  1. Hey Jackie, I want to guess which is yours, I’m also afraid to guess because who wants to be wrong? I won’t cheat by consulting the meta-data either. So here’s a leap: I believe, it is that lovely yellow corner with the sturdy cob web.

    How did I do?

    Great thanks for participating in SKY LINES. Loved doing this project with Sommer and GEORGIA, we couldn’t have done it without you.


    1. afterthoughtgraveyard Avatar

      Thanks Bridget! My photo is the top right!

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