Been a minute

It’s been a minute since I’ve been in this space, hi.

Trying to reconnect, which must be something that I have tried to do before since I have a several year old playlist (meant to be listened to on shuffle) with the same name that I keep revisiting.

I forgot to mention that back in May Metatron Press published some of my poems in their MicroMeta series on Instagram. You can read them here.

Also, my partner and I appear on episode three of the Fence 36 podcast. Me reading the poem that Fence published and a song from my partner’s record Lookout Road. The little chat at the end was recorded during what we now know were the early, early days of the coronavirus (day 28?!). What a time to be alive.

And finally, this:


Years do odd things to identity.
What does it mean to say
I am that child in the photograph
at Kishamish in 1935?
Might as well say I am the shadow
of a leaf of the acacia tree
felled seventy years ago
moving on the page the child reads.
Might as well say I am the words she read
or the words I wrote in other years,
flicker of shade and sunlight
as the wind moves through the leaves.

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