Do you know about Tourist Trap, NYC?

It’s pretty awesome.   Curated, filmed and edited by DJ Dolack (yes, the very same DJ Dolack who filmed the LIT 18 launch!) Tourist Trap follows poets around the city, all the while talking to them about their writing, and is hosted by the ever hospitable Cold Front.  Want more information?  Email ttrapnyc [at] gmail [dot] com.  Otherwise stay tuned for the next episode…

Also, the Poem-A-Day email today features a poem by Zachary Schomburg.  It is also kind of awesome and heart-rendering, which I love.

What else?

New POP by Mathias Svalina up now!

A little late announcing this here, but this month’s POP by Mathias Svalina is up now!  Please read, and blog, and forward far and wide.

October 6 brings us a special edition of POP in honor of the 10th anniversary of  Radiohead’s Kid A, featuring writings, musings, and poemings about the seminal album by a pretty amazing group of writers.  Be sure to stay tuned for that.

In other news,  I am obsessed with this song right now:

Oh, and apparently Shel Silverstein authored a song called “Fuckem’!”  It’s true!