A Very Geeky Interview…

I did a very geeky interview for We Who Are About To Die that is up now.  It can be found here.  Thanks to Daniel Nester for asking me to answer all those silly questions.  Daniel wrote an essay about the band The Outfield for Poets off Poetry a few months.  You can re-live the awesomeness here.

In other news, I read these poems by Amy Lawless on the internet yesterday.  I think they are great and I already told Amy so now I am telling you!

Life as a New York Poet

First off, apologies for what I assume is a late repost of this essay.  I just bumped into it in my Google Reader on The AWL last night.  Am behind in reading HTML Giant too, but I suppose I will see soon if they too linked to this essay as well.  Here’s the link to The AWL post.  Pretty funny, as The AWL is proving itself to be.  I’m a new reader of the blog, just burrowing in, getting running gags, etc.  Here’s the direct link to Daniel Nester’s essay “Goodbye to All Them” published by The Morning News, a site that I don’t really read but that I bump into now and again.

Now, when I read this essay last night I immediately wanted to post the link to my Facebook but then decided against it, so as not to seem * dramatic*, as I have a bunch of “poetry friends” on Facebook and didn’t want to make it seem like I was *aligning* myself with Nester’s message.  So, I’m posting it here because I think other “New York Poets” should read it.  Not because I want them to agree, not because I agree, but because the essay is there and it is bold.  Does it take some cheap shots at the “poetry community”?  Yes.  Does it make the “poetry community” look like a snively bunch? Yes.  But does he hit the nail on the head, as it were, about much of “poetry community” precedents and practices?  Yes.

I am not interested, though, in presenting an arguement for or against this essay.  Bumping into this essay was a nice surprise for me right now.

I write poems.  I love poems.  I love the feeling I get when I am looking at the things around me and I notice the shining in them.  I love that that is something I can share.  And for what it’s worth, that it is something that will always be mine, no matter the “community.”