Morning with Miranda

From “Mon Plaisir”:

It’s lovely.

I know, but take it off.  I want a chin-length bob.

You don’t want to go a little bit shorter?  What if I cut it here, to  your ears?

You think that’d be better?

No, but then you’d be losing more than ten inches of length, and we could give it to Hair for Care.  It’s a charity that makes wigs for kids with no hair.

Do you work for them, the charity?


I think I’ll just stick with the bob, then.

You could let it grow another inch and then come back and I’ll give you a bob.  That way everyone wins.

No, I have to do it today.  It’s the first day of the rest of my life.

Oh.  I had a day like that last week.

Really? What happened?

I woke up and thought, This is the first day of the rest of my life.

Then what happened?

I drove to work.



Let’s give that kid some new hair.

Heart of Rotating Gears

Seeing this video coincides perfectly with my reading of No one belongs here more than you by Miranda July.


I know I’m a little late with this but I guess it took me some time to get comfortable with all the hype.  “It Was Romance” is a pretty great story though.  I wish I could find it online and post some of it here for you.  Here’s what I’m able to transcribe at the moment:

“Remember, you don’t have to make the whole world romantic, or even the whole bedroom  Just the small space in front of your face.  A very manageable territory, even the working women will agree.  Because when he looks at you (or she- romance has no bias!), he has to look through the air in front of your face.  Is that space polluted?  Is it rosy?  Is it misty?  Think about these questions during the lunch break.

“We ate our sandwiches and looked at each other through the air in front of our faces.  It looked clear, but maybe it wasn’t.  We thought hard about this while we drank the provided soda.  This could change everything.”

All I know is that the stories in this book make me feel recognizable to myself.  I can trace the shape of my pining.  I can trace the shape of my shape in private, while in public.  I think this is a good thing.

In other news,


DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.  This Friday.  I read somewhere at some point that dancing is one of the few things that we as humans do that doesn’t really have a point, like it doesn’t have a purpose.  It doesn’t get anything done.  This makes it all the more amazing to me.  I want more stuff like that in my life right now.