The Return from Chicago and that damn Best Show on WFMU (again)

Well, I’ve returned and quasi-recovered from this year’s AWP in Chicago.

I took home with me a little bit of self-doubt, and even more sad for me, a lot of germs.  As of this writing I only have one functioning nostril.  But The Best Show is on right now and I am already starting to feel better about myself.

Below is something that remotely resembles a photo journal.

Here goes Lake Michigan.  I was able to sneak away from the conference  for a little bit to get some outside time, which was much needed.


I was impressed by how blue the water looked.  This big ol’ pocket of water.  That’s what a lake is right?  Just a pocket?



ALIENS!  I’ve cataloged this one as evidence.  You know, Jack Spicer had a thing about Martians too.  It’s clearly not just me who has idenitified themselves in these kinds of terms.


Big, walking, headless feet.  I might like to be a big, walking, headless feet.


Pedestrian bridge designed by Frank Gehry in Millennium Park.


This bean is really called Cloud Gate.  It weighs 110 tons.  One the other side of the bean is an ice skating rink.  At the time of this photograph Phil Collins’ “Don’t Lose My Number” was playing at full blast.


Under the bean.  That’s me holding the light.


I wrote down at some point on 2/12 “I’d like to make a promise to myself that I will remember interesting moments.”  That seems obvious but it’s pretty disturbing how much I am willing to forget.

Overall, I think it is good to be seen.  For better or for worse.  AWP inspired me and scared the shit out of me all at once.  It’s time to shit or get off the pot.

New POP featuring Mark Bibbins is up now & I can’t for the life of me not listen to The Best Show on WFMU even though I don’t really want to


The new Poets off Poetry is up now featuring an essay by Mark Bibbins.  Thanks to Mark for putting together a stellar Best of ’08 list.   Definitely a huge overhaul.  Be patient with the page; all those videos take a while to load.

And to use the word “best” as a segue, I cannot stop listening to The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling.  It’s on right now.  It’s like that Bill Hicks joke about him not being able to stop watching the show Cops even though he doesn’t want to.  Like him not being able to quit tonguing the sore tooth in his mouth.  Once I turn on this show, I can’t not listen to it in its entirety.


You can listen too.  It’s on every Tuesday.  But I warn you, you will gain nothing by doing so except for the smug satisfaction that Tom isn’t heave ho’ing you off the line because you aren’t stupid enough to try to call with something for the topic.  Sometimes that smugness is good enough for me.