New POP by Jennifer L. Knox is up now!

Ever wonder what it would like to be stuck on an island with Brian Wilson?  Check out this month’s Poets off Poetry by Jennifer L. Knox to find out:

Thanks Jennifer for a rip-roaring good time!

Stay tuned as the following months bring us essays by Dottie Lasky, Claire Donato, Jeff T. Johnson, Chris Tonelli, and Mathias Svalina.

In other news, production on LIT 18 is officially in the works and will feature such awesome poets as Sandra Simonds, Farrah Field, Michael Burkard, Nate Pritts, and Mike Young, among others!

Here’s the sneak peek of the cover, by photographer Kevin Trageser.

The launch party for LIT 18 will be on Wednesday, July 28 from 6.30-8.30pm at powerHouse books in Brooklyn.  Readers will be announce soon!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

New POP is up featuring an essay by Farrah Field!

This month’s POP is up featuring an essay about the lovely Laura Marling by the lovely Farrah Field.  Please check out the essay here.

As always, please blog far and wide.

Laura Marling will be in NY next month supporting her new record I Speak Because I Can.  It  seems that I have fallen deeply in love with Ms. Marling, and all because of Farrah!  Thanks Farrah!

Also, POP will be at AWP next week, hanging out at the Cold Front table.  Come by and say hi and get yourself a cute, little pin and a cute, little POP pamphlet featuring poems from previous POP contributors Jared White, Chris Martin, Erin Belieu, Eileen Myles, Daniel Nester, and Nate Pritts.

In related AWP news, LIT will be hanging out in Denver too next week with copies of 17 for sale at an awesome discount price.  Come say hi!

New POP featuring Nate Pritts is up!

This month’s POP is up and ready for your reading pleasure, featuring an essay by Nate Pritts.

Check out the essay here.

Thanks Nate!

And stay tuned as next month brings us an essay by Farrah Field.

As always, please blog and forward far and wide!

In other news friend and poet Paige Taggart has launch a new blog to display all the really awesome jewelry she makes.  Check it out here.

But if your looking for something funky and original you need look no further.

See what I mean?

New POP is up featuring an essay by Eileen Myles!

Holy moly!  I’ve been so  busy worrying about the LIT 17 launch party that I completely forgot to tell you that Eileen Myles wrote an essay for POP!  You can find it here. It’s about Gram Parsons.  I feel really honored that Eileen wanted to participate in this series.  Thank you Eileen!

Next month POP will feature an essay by Nate Pritts about The Who.  Exciting!

Also, tonight’s the night!  The LIT 17 launch party at Housing Works Bookstore.  7pm sharp.  Be there, or surely you are square.  LIT 17 will be on sale for a special launch party price of $5!  Come get a copy.  Yay!

New POP is up featuring an essay by Daniel Nester!

I am super, super happy to announce that after being on hiatus for a few months a new POP is up and ready for your reading PLEASURE (I wrote please instead of pleasure in the email announcement I sent out yesterday in haste, embarrassing…), featuring an essay by Daniel Nester!

You can read the essay here.  You can also check out previous POP essays here.

Please read & enjoy and blog & forward far and wide.

Thank you to Daniel, and to all of POP’s previous and forthcoming contributors.

In other news, I will be reading some poems this Friday, December 4 at Pete’s Candy Store for The Multifarious Array Reading Series.  The reading begins at 7pm.

It would sure be swell to see you there (apologies for using the word swell but I just started watching Mad Men).

New POP featuring Erin Belieu is up now!


It’s that time again.  The latest POP is up now, featuring a great essay from Erin Belieu!  Thanks Erin!  And as always, thanks Coldfront!

Stay tuned as the next couple of months bring us essays from Craig Teicher and Matt Hart!

In quasi-related poetry news, there is this happening tomorrow:


I’m a little late in posting this but it doesn’t mean that the reading is going to be any less rad.   Hosted by the lovely lady duo of Cate Peebles and Amy Lawless, who could ask for a better way to spend their Saturday afternoon?  Not this girl.

Yay summer!  Yay biking in summer! Yay sun, finally sun.

CAConrad+Elvis=Amazing POP!


When you get a chance stop by Coldfront and check out the new POP featuring an essay by CAConrad.  CA’s new book Advanced Elvis Course is out now!  You can also find out more information here.  Thanks CA!

I was actually able to meet CA on Friday at the Poetry Project during the Jack Spicer reading and just so happened to read one of my favorite pieces from My Vocabulary Did This To Me “The Unvert Maifesto.”

In other news, I just finished reading The End of the Story by Lydia Davis.

davis story

This book hurt my heart.  It has been a very long time since my heart has ached in the way this book has made my heart ache.  I supposed this is a good thing for a book to do, or rather, it is a good book that is capable of drawing such strong emotions from the reader, but fuck if I’m able to do anything aside from stare vacantly at walls today.  This faux fall weather isn’t helping either.

Musically speaking, I’ve been on this Portastatic kick.  If you were me, you would be able to see the ironic relationship between this sudden musical interest and the ache as described above.  But as you are not me, I highly doubt it would be of any interest.

Meh.  Sorry.  I’m going to go now.

Jeepers Creepers: Updates, updates, updates!


The new POP is up now featuring an essay about the Fleet Foxes by Jared White.  Read it here.

Thanks again to Jared for being so thorough and so thoughtful.  As usual, the page may take a minute to load, so maybe go get a cup of coffee or something while you wait.

In other news, I have recently “discovered” google reader.  I say “discovered” to convey more or less that it finally makes sense to me.  And now that I *get* it, I’m obsessed with it.  So now I never miss a Bike Snob NYC post.

seal-of-disapproval-1 Ha ha.  Seal of disapproval.  Wakka wakka.

Also,  The Project Papers is kind of an amazing archive hosted by The Poetry Project.  I’ve started at the beginning and print out one or two a day to bring to the gym with me, which is proving to be a very accessible way for me to get some poem-time in while I’m getting my sweating-time.  But really, I’ve been super impressed with what’s there, unsurprisingly so I suppose.

And, I keep chugging along with my Jack Spicer.


It’s slow going, which is not an indication of my interest in the work.  I’m just moving slowly through it is all.  I have actually been finding that I am way more interested in reading poetry lately.    Though I write poems, I’ve always considered myself more of a fiction reader.  Strange I guess.  But lately not so much.  I’ve been a pretty terrible fiction reader and a quasi-successful poetry reader.  In other geekily-related news, I now am a subscription holder to Poets & Writers.  Does starting to read more poetry gossip than music gossip mean I am getting old?

That being said, here’s the latest of the latest of my listening habits:


Fever Ray (Also, I am going to go on record here and say that I really no longer get any pleasure from listening to music via Myspace.  It used to be such a cool way to check out new music and I am so embarrassed by how surprised I am that advertisers have ruined it.)


Oingo Boingo (I’d like to thank my friend Kyle for this one.  Many solo dance parties have taken place since being biten by the boingo bug.)


Telekinesis (I heart earnest, indie rock.)

Until we meet again.

This month’s POP is up!


You can check out Chris Martin’s rad essay here.

Thanks Chris!!

Also, happy Friday!  Looks like this weekend will be the first warm one in a while.  I am so stoked to get out on my bike tomorrow.  It’s kind of indescribable how stoked I am.


In other news, this weekend is the Armory Show.  A bit rich for my blood ($30 to be exact) but is probably worth it.  There are some pretty cool sounding satellite shows happening too.  I plan on checking out Fountain this Sunday.  Definitely more in my price range.

Busy, busy, busy bee weekend.